Free* Salesforce basic developer training.

This course provides those who are a new to programming with an introduction to object-oriented programming using the Java/C#-like code (Apex). In this class, you’ll learn the basics of creating classes and triggers in code as well as best practices and development methodology concepts that will help you be successful as you start to build your first applications.

At the end of this class, you’ll have an understanding of how to approach your first programming assignment, how to construct basic code to build on the platform, and hands-on experience with the toolset.

Who should take this course?
This course is ideal for people who are familiar with the Salesforce application user interface (UI) and customizing applications using the Setup menu and who want to gain an understanding of object-oriented programming and develop basic code development skills.

Course participants should be familiar with the Salesforce UI and how to customize applications using the declarative capabilities.

What you will learn
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • ?? Demonstrate the fundamentals of code development
  • ?? Describe object-oriented programming concepts
  • ?? Evaluate general use cases where code is a good solution
  • ?? Consider basic code syntax, available data types, and potential use of each
  • ?? List the ways code can be invoked
  • ?? Compare and contrast the different types of collections
  • ?? Write SOQL for loops to handle bulk data
  • ?? Review execution order and where before and after triggers execute
  • ?? Test the different governor limits and contexts
  • ?? Create a unit test for a class using assertion methods
  • ?? Understand the requirements, steps, and tools available for deploying code

Duration: Webconferencing – around 10 sessions.